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HAUS Naturals

All-Natural Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray

All-Natural Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray

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Give your appliances the showroom treatment they deserve with our revolutionary HAUS Naturals Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish. A powerful cleaning spray designed with a polish that protects and resists fingerprints, watermarks and grease while also repelling dust and dirt to keep your kitchen shining brighter & longer. Your stainless steel refrigerator, outdoor grill, dishwasher, washing machine, washer & dryer, microwave, cooktop, sink, faucet, and any other metal or stainless steel surface will effortlessly convey a streak free, premium stain resistant showroom look. 

Our HAUS Naturals Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish helps local restaurants and commercial environments with the highest of expectations look their very best. Our all natural plant based formula cleans, polishes, and resists fingerprints and smudges with just a simple wipe and buff. Just shake, spray, and wipe, and enjoy! Restore the brilliant look and feel to your kitchen with our HAUS Naturals Stainless Steel Cleaner today!

The products you use in your home MATTER! Every single HAUS Naturals product is hand crafted here in the USA using only all natural, plant based and SAFE ingredients, so that you can feel GOOD about the products you choose to bring into your home. Safe for use around kids, pets, and more.

Large microfiber towel included.

A clean home is good, but a HAUS Naturals home is GREAT. Join the family today.

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