Our Story

HAUS Naturals Home Cleaning Products 

We aim for a cleaner, greener and more mindful life...starting from our HAUS.

A few years back we wanted to provide a safe, clean and green home to our first child. Although our journey to being healthy started long ago, everything was taken to the next level with our growing family. We first started by getting rid of all the toxic products in our house...from the cleaning supplies and laundry detergents, to the ones in our fridge. YES! We even cut out processed foods. Then we started buying natural cleaning products and eating healthy. Soon we realized how healthy and energetic we were feeling...even all of our allergies "magically" disappeared.

However sometimes we wished we had more help keeping kitchen and home clean...some of the natural products we were using were not as effective as we wished. But we knew nature is very powerful and knew there had to be some ingredients that were natural AND could help with big kitchen messes (especially the ones that a 1 year old and 3 year old can do in the kitchen) without compromising the greener side of things.

This is when we started researching ingredients and got into making our own cleaning products. Eventually we found amazing natural ingredients that can actually keep up with big messes in the kitchen and around the house.

We got so excited that we decided to share our products with the world. This is how HAUS Naturals was born.

We still aim for a cleaner, green and more mindful life...so we are continuously evolving and we are so happy to be able to share everything we learn with you.

We also hope you will share with us whatever tools you have for your own evolution in life.

We are in this together for a more meaningful, mindful and happy life!


The Webbers