Our Story

We wanted a cleaner, greener and healthier life...starting with our 'HAUS'.


Last year my wife and I welcomed our son, Malcolm, into this world… and everything changed. Although our journey to being healthy started long ago, we decided to take everything to the next level with our growing family. We started by getting rid of all the toxic products in our home...from the cleaning supplies and laundry detergents, to the ones in our fridge. YES! We even cut out processed foods. We then started buying ‘natural’ cleaning products, and eating as healthy as we could. We soon realized how much happier, energetic and ‘cleaner’ we were feeling...even most all of our seasonal allergies seemed to have "magically" disappeared.

Sometimes however, we found ourselves wishing we had more help keeping our kitchen and home clean. Most of the natural products we were using were just not as powerful and effective as we needed. We both quickly agreed that using all natural, plant based and SAFE products, was the number one most important thing to our family, and we also knew that nature has some VERY powerful and effective ingredients… so we set out to create the ‘perfect formula’.  We knew there had to be some ingredients that were safe and all natural, AND could help with big household messes (especially the ones that a crazy little 1 year old, and his partner in crime puppy dog, can create) without compromising. 

This is when we started researching ingredients, and creating our own products. Eventually we found some amazing all natural ingredients that could actually keep up with those big messes in the kitchen and around the house. THEY REALLY WORK. 

We got so very excited that we decided to share our products with the world… and HAUS Naturals was born.

We still aim for a cleaner, greener, healthy and more mindful life every single day, so we are continuously evolving and are so happy to be able to share everything we learn with you.

We hope very much that you enjoy using our products as much as we do, and always remember we are in this together for a more healthy, meaningful, mindful and happy life! 

The Rose Family