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HAUS Naturals

Hot Tub and Spa Cleaner

Hot Tub and Spa Cleaner

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Bring your Hot Tub or Spa back to Showroom quality condition with our revolutionary HAUS Naturals Hot Tub and Spa Cleaner. Effortlessly removes dirt, grime, hard water stains, calcium build-ups and more with our 100% Plant Based, All Natural Formula.

Power through body oils, grime and scum lines in one easy step - simply apply to any surface, allow to sit for a few minutes (this is where the magic happens), scrub with the  large sponge (included), and rinse to reveal a spotless, brilliant shine!

Eliminates the need for multiple products - the HAUS Naturals Hot Tub and Spa Cleaner works GREAT for deep cleaning your filters, jets, and hoses, and even works wonders on your dirty vinyl or leather hot tub cover!

Our biodegradable formula uses ZERO harsh chemicals or abrasive ingredients, ZERO offensive fragrances or perfumes, is 100% plant-based and safe for use around kids, pets, and the entire family!

Here at HAUS Naturals, we believe that you should never have to choose between effective, powerful, or heavy duty cleaning power and safe, non-toxic, environmentally conscious products, so we have made it our mission to bring you the highest quality hot tub and spa cleaner on the market, and one you can feel GOOD about using in your home.

Join the revolution today and see why so many families are making the switch to HAUS Naturals today - Welcome to the Family!

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