Best All-Natural Granite Cleaner and Polish

Best All-Natural Granite Cleaner and Polish

The wear and tear of daily use can take a considerable toll on our kitchen and bathroom countertops.  In time, stone surfaces may begin to lose their luster.  Even repeated cleanings can leave these surfaces looking dull.  If you've used common household cleaners around your home long enough, you know that they can leave filmy residue and be difficult to rinse away after spraying and scrubbing.  This may lead you to redouble your cleaning efforts, only to achieve the same mediocre results.

If you want your counters to really sparkle and shine like new, you may think your only option is to resort to yet another chemical compound that can be toxic to you and other members of your household, including pets.  But before you do that, or decide it's time to replace your countertops altogether, there's another, less expensive, more practical option to consider.

If you're looking for a natural, affordable alternative to synthetic cleaners, there is good news.  Haus Naturals Granite Cleaner + Polish can leave your stone surfaces looking shiny and new.  And giving these surfaces a new look is easier to accomplish than you might think.

About Haus Naturals Granite Cleaner + Polish

This product is made of plant-based substances, so it's natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

How to Use Haus Naturals Granite Cleaner + Polish

Using a washcloth dabbed with Haus Naturals to polish a granite counter.

If you read the directions on the side of the bottle, you will discover that for best results, you should shake the product well before using it.  Apply a few sprays to your countertop, then wipe to polish.  You should spray generously, but there's no need to drench the counter, as a little product goes a long way.

What follows are before and after snapshots of the kitchen counter.  Before cleaning, it retained some shine but definitely looked more radiant after being thoroughly sprayed and wiped down.

Closeup of a granite counter unpolished.

Not only will Haus Naturals Granite Cleaner + Polish restore your counters to their original shine, but it will also bring out the details in the stone, such as variations in color, that aren't as readily apparent before polishing.

Closeup of a granite countertop after it was polished.

One caveat about achieving the desired results:  Just as you are advised to rinse food residue from your dishes before placing them in the dishwasher, it's best to get your counters relatively clean before applying the product.  You can easily wipe off grease and soap scum without much effort.  If, however, kitchen and bathroom surfaces have any gritty debris on them, you will need to use a bit of elbow grease to remove it.  This cleaner is not abrasive or corrosive.  (I used the product when I had yet to clean up the granular residue of a powdered coffee creamer spill.  This cleaner certainly delivered as promised, but it definitely took a little more work).

Haus Naturals Granite Cleaner + Polish also achieved top-notch results on the bathroom countertop.  Repeated contact with synthetic products and the occasional hand soap spill had left the counter around the sink looking almost as though it had a slight film on it.  A few sprays of granite cleaner, followed by a few buffs with a dry clean cloth, and the vanity was shiny again.  You might also like to know that the product easily and effectively removed soap scum from around the outside of the sink bowl.  With conventional cleaners, accomplishing this task is much more difficult, as these chemical substances typically add to the soap residue and actually make it harder to remove.

Here are the photos to prove it.  First, you'll see two "before" shots.  The counter isn't terribly dirty but lacks its usual luster.  Oddly enough, repeat cleaning with bleach and other powerful synthetic chemicals dulled the stone.

Closeup of a bathroom sink granite counter.

Closeup of a bathroom sink granite counter.

And now for the grand finale...

Closeup of a bathroom sink granite counter.

Clean Product, Fresh Scent

Since Haus Naturals Granite Cleaner + Polish is plant-based, you don't have to worry about getting toxic substances on your skin.  If you get some of the product on your hands, just rinse it off; you shouldn't experience any burning or itching as you might with typical household cleaners.  However, you should avoid getting the liquid in your eyes.  Likewise, you don't need to be concerned about harmful chemicals coating your kitchen surfaces.

When you use Haus Naturals Granite Cleaner and Polish you also don't have to deal with noxious vapors filling your home.  If you have asthma or allergies or are simply trying to avoid toxic chemicals, you will appreciate the subtle, clean scent of this product.

Another thing you'll appreciate about this best all-natural stainless steel cleaner is that it not only cleans, but polishes and protects stone surfaces, too.  While stone can be more durable than other materials, synthetic substances can damage or otherwise compromise the quality of the stone.  Using an all-natural product ensures that you're providing maximum protection for your countertops so they will last as long as possible.


While it's marketed as a granite cleaner, this product can be used on other non-porous stone surfaces too, including:

  • Quartz
  • Marble
  • Onyx

While it's great for countertops, this product shouldn't be used for cleaning floors.


If you're concerned about your health or simply want to reduce your carbon footprint, you'll be happy to know that this product contains natural ingredients.  Reading the labels on household items can be downright confusing.  Whether it's food items or cleaning products, you shouldn't have to play guessing games, wondering exactly what you're coming into contact with.'s a breakdown of what's in Haus Naturals Granite Cleaner + Polish.

Filtered Water

Medical experts recommend that we drink filtered water, so if it's good enough for your body, it's definitely good enough for your countertops.

Decyl Glucoside

Derived from corn and coconuts, this biodegradable ingredient is mild and gentle, so it doesn't irritate the skin.  It's a popular ingredient in detergents, cleansers, and self-care and beauty products.  You may also see it appear on a label as "non-ionic surfactant."  In plain language, this just means it's a neutral substance that lowers the surface tension of water.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine

While it's a mouthful to pronounce (and cumbersome to spell), this component isn't as complicated as its name suggests.  Synthetic but safe, it's commonly found in cosmetics and other personal care products because it conditions the skin.  You can also find it in many cleaning products, as it reduces the thickness of liquids and helps with foaming action.  On a cleaning solution label, it may also appear as "Cocamidopropyl dimethyl glycine" "CADG" or  "disodium cocamiphodipropionate", among other names.


Often found in primers and skincare products, dimethicone is added to various products to enable them to glide across surfaces.  They also create a barrier, protecting the materials they cover.

Sodium Carbonate

Also called washing soda, soda ash, and calcined soda, sodium carbonate is frequently used in eco-friendly cleaning and skincare products.  This alkaline substance is well-known for its disinfecting (antimicrobial, antifungal) properties.  It's a must-have ingredient in many household cleaners because of its ability to cut through grease and grime.

Lemon Essential Oil Blend

Lemon emits a clean, refreshing, citrusy scent.  Lemon essential oil has a variety of uses.  This versatile oil has antifungal and antimicrobial properties and makes an excellent deodorizer.  When used for cleaning, it's highly recommended for sanitizing surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms.


To make things easier, we'll call this compound by its more common abbreviations, MIT or MI.  You can spot this ingredient on the labels of everything from shampoo and sunscreen to soaps and detergents.  This ingredient isn't as complicated as its name implies; it's added to various products to prevent bacterial growth.

Final Takeaways

On the side of the bottle is a label that declares that this product "cleans and protects all your stone surfaces including granite, marble, quartz, onyx, and any other non-porous countertop.  Our powerful cleaner dissolves oil, grease, and grime while leaving behind a brilliant mirror-like finish."  Haus Naturals Granite Cleaner + Polish delivers as promised, restoring your kitchen and bathroom stone countertops to their natural shine.  Gentle on your skin but tough on grimy surfaces, this product allows you to keep everything clean without using harsh chemicals.

This product is especially helpful in the kitchen because counters regularly come into contact with dishes, food, and cooking and eating utensils.  Certainly, you want to keep these items from also contacting dangerous chemicals.

Haus Naturals Granite Cleaner + Polish is also easier to use than many common household products because there's less work involved.  With ordinary cleaners, you may need to apply them and wait for several minutes for them to do their job before you wipe them off.  Usually, you also have to dilute these products with water or make sure that you rinse surfaces thoroughly after cleaning.  With this natural cleaner, all you have to do is spray and wipe.  While you should still keep it out of the reach of children and pets, it doesn't contain the hazardous ingredients you would find in bleach or other powerful chemical cleaners.  Those with allergies or an extra-sensitive sense of smell will appreciate its mild scent.

And if you're trying to do your part to protect the environment, you will have peace of mind knowing that this product contains many natural components and is biodegradable.  Plus, it's versatile enough to clean more than granite, effectively polishing any non-porous stone surface.

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